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We made mistakes in the early days of writing and building our platform Libeo, just as many startups have. To prevent us from making the same mistakes, we adjusted and redefined our coding patterns as we learned and progressed.

This article was originally an internal note built to standardize our codebase. Our goal is to make code easy to read and understandable for everyone including newcomers, junior developers, and senior developers. This article acts as a guide to prevent us from introducing bugs into our app or making the same coding mistake twice.

Database reading and writing can have a…

Because of that one time we broke our prod.

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At Libeo, we use TypeORM’s migration command to generate all our migrations scripts. Great tool to generate and keep a record of our database changes. But there is that one time, when these scripts were inadvertently not pushed to master and, eventually the new changes have been deployed to our production environment breaking a part of our app.

To prevent it from happening again, we introduced a new pipeline in our continuous delivery process.

First, install GitLab CI/CD on your GitLab project. Here’s a quick start on how to install it.

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Software Engineer

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